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Welcome Real Estate Agents 

Raymond Iacobucci Communities  prides itself on being a third generation Builder & Developer serving the Greater Philadelphia area for over 60 years. Like our heritage, we understand that you value your clients and take great pride in serving them. Raymond Iacobucci Communities, and its affiliates, "Seller", contracts with Raymond Iacobucci Real Estate, LLC a Real Estate Brokerage in Pennsylvania who provides Real Estate Agents for the Seller, "Listing Broker".  The Listing Broker proudly Cooperates with other Licensed Pennsylvania Real Estate Brokers or Broker's Agents, "Broker". 

Real Estate Agent - Client Registration

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

We have established a policy to provide the best home buying experience for our buyers and our local Real Estate Agents:

The Broker understands Broker Cooperation Policy is as follows:
  1. Broker must accompany their client/Buyer upon the first visit to the sales center, first communication or first interaction with a representative of the seller and/or Listing Broker and must fill out a Broker Cooperation Form. The Broker's client/Buyer relationship is not honored if the Buyer is in communication with the Listing Broker or a representative of the Seller before a Broker Cooperation Form is filled out and accepted.

  2. A Broker Cooperation Form must be completely filled out and accepted by the Listing Broker qualify for a sales commission.

  3. Broker understands that the Broker's commission will be issued to the Broker after settlement is completed. 

  4. If Broker is the purchaser, the sales commission will be forwarded to the Broker's office at time of settlement.

  5. If settlement does not occur for any reason whatsoever the Broker agrees that no commission will be paid.

  6. The Broker Cooperation Period is limited to thirty (30) days from the date of acceptance of the Broker Cooperation Form. 

  7. If your client has registered with another broker no commission will be paid.

  8. Buyers are free to seek representation at the expense of the buyer.

  9. Sales representatives handle all of the Agreement of Sale paperwork but Broker is welcome to attend the signing of the Agreement. 

  10. Since the Agreement of Sale with the Seller and Buyer, only the Seller and Buyer may be present during the walk-throughs and the selection process. These meetings are strictly with the Buyer and Seller or the Seller's representative. Real Estate Agents, inspectors, or family are not permitted.

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